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Why should you play Crosswords?

A crossword is the easiest accessible word puzzle you can find. They appear in pretty much every
newspaper, can be created by anyone and are largely abundant online. When it comes to challenging yourself, crosswords provide all sorts of ways to achieve this. Quick crosswords bestow a relatively small, fast challenge whereas trickier Cryptic crosswords yield an almost ultimate challenge.

No matter what language you speak, very few can say they have completely mastered their own tongue.
That’s where word puzzles such as crosswords come into play. By having to find out what a word is
based on clues provided, you’re not only tapping into the logical part of your brain but you’re also
testing your own vocabulary.

Quick crosswords will give you rather easy clues that only require you to find an alternate meaning to
another word, or work out what a word is based on a brief description. These are generally quite simple
to achieve and are great for crossword beginners, children or those who are still learning a language.

Cryptic crosswords go so far as to test not only your vocabulary and general knowledge, but also see
how well you think in a philosophical or almost riddle-like way. It takes quite some time before one can
become accustomed to the challenges of a Cryptic crossword puzzle, but it’s always good to try one out
every now and then to see how well your brain is growing.

Another advantage of giving crosswords a go is it will help stave off problems that could reveal
themselves later on in life such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Your brain is like a muscle, the
more you engage it in life the healthier it will be and the longer it will keep working for you. A crossword
a day keeps dementia at bay.

List of Online Crossword Puzzles: