The Difference Between Quick and Cryptic Crosswords?

The Difference Between Quick and Cryptic Crosswords?

Crosswords are there to provide a challenge. These challenges can come in many forms be they
relatively easy to insanely complex. The most common difficulties of crosswords are Quick and Cryptic. Quick is the easier of the two and provides generally easy to understand clues. The reasoning for this is obviously because some people don’t have the time or patience to sit down with a dictionary/encyclopedia and spend potential hours on a word game. Clues provided in Quick crosswords are usually things such as alternate names for the word required or brief descriptions you could easily associate with that word. For example, a clue could be ‘What bargain hunters enjoy’ and the answer would be ‘sales’. This answer can be quite quickly come to based on how many squares there are to put letters in to create the word required.

Cryptic crosswords were created for word puzzle lovers who desire a true challenge. Where Quick
crosswords allow for a faster, smoother experience, Cryptic crosswords are there to keep you mulling
over a clue for as long as possible. Quite often, word puzzle fans can spend anywhere from minutes to
weeks on one puzzle depending on how their word skills are.

The types of clues you’ll find in cryptic crosswords are either very wordy, contain complex associations
or are philosophical in nature. One such example is as follows, ‘As seen in jab, reach of pro miserably
failing to meet expectations?’ the answer for this is ‘breach of promise’. The reasoning behind this
particular clue is that the answer is contained within the actual clue. ‘As seen in jaB, REACH OF PRO
MISErably failing…’. Some would call this cryptic, others might say it’s a cheap trick.
Be that as it may, a Cryptic crossword can be as deceitful as it needs to be, but a Quick crossword is
always going to be the easier option. It just depends how much time you have on your hands.

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